The Good Old Days of 7-Figure Traffic Returns and We Have Proof!

The Proven and "Fool-Proof" 100 Leads per Day Six-Figure Traffic Playbook Which is NOW Providing an Endless Flow of New Prospects & Cash for Newbies and Industry Icons, Alike...

PROOF: The Case Studies and Overwhelming Testimonies Within This Video Proves That No Other Traffic Training Comes Close!

Traffic Playbook Course
Traffic Playbook is Digital Course Available for Instant Access

After 2 months of testing this product with newbies, experienced marketers and industry icons – we finally have the solid proof that Traffic Playbook offers the ABSOLUTE BEST traffic, lead and money gettin’ solution in over 5 years!

“200-250 Leads per Day… This is as Good as It Gets!”

Hey this is Ann Sieg and I just wanted to shoot this quick video for Ray and Ferny and anyone who is taking a look at their Traffic Playbook course. Listen, I have to be honest with you, our team hasn’t had a source of leads this consistent… and this easy… and this cheap… and this automated… since the good old days of Google Adwords back in 2005-2007 when we built a majority of our list.

If you didn’t pick up a copy of Traffic Playbook the first time they released it and you don’t take this opportunity to grab a copy during their relaunch… there’s a possibility you might be slightly insane.

Because it’s hard enough to find good traffic sources these days, let alone traffic sources that truly are automated and easy.

With the methods you’ll learn in Traffic Playbook, it really is as close to “set it and forget it” as you can get. That’s what I loved about Google Adwords so much. Once we found the right offer through some split testing, we pretty much ran the same ad for YEARS generating hundreds of leads every day with very little ongoing maintenance.

And that’s what it’s been like using the pay-per-view methods Ray & Ferny teach. Our team actually tested pay-per-view traffic for awhile last year but we were never able to get it to convert profitably, so we ended up pausing all our campaigns. Until we talked with Ray & Ferny. Ever since then we’ve been generating 200-250 leads a day at an average of $1-2 each, many times as little as $.70 each, using just one of the methods in their course.

The great thing about this traffic is that not only is it consistent and we don’t have to worry about getting “slapped,” but it’s immediately profitable on the front end. Everyone knows the real money is on the back end, but if you can make a profit right up front after someone opts in that’s even better cause then you don’t have to keep as close an eye on your budget or your cashflow.

So like I said, pick up a copy of their course. This is as good as it gets when it comes to traffic.

- Ann Sieg, The Renegade Network Marketer – Industry Icon

Traffic Playbook is the first traffic training, which makes getting 50 – 100 leads per day stupid simple and easy for beginner marketers, while producing results which would rival the lead generation of most top producers.

With Traffic Playbook, you will quickly start generating leads from the TOP 4 Traffic Sources we use as part of our marketing arsenal to produce hundreds of leads per day for “make money”, “MLM”, “weightloss”, “travel” and other offers. Regardless of the type of product or opportunity you promote, Traffic Playbook is guaranteed to work for the direct promotion of any offers!

Here’s what’s inside each module…

Module 1: Finding Your Keyword Goldmine

Traffic Playbook Module 1Now in module one, we get you started right away with finding the type of “money keywords”, top producers have built their careers around.

Every traffic strategy will require you to target either keywords or website URLs OR BOTH… your goal is to find the “money keywords”… the ones that actually convert to cash. We just got off the phone with Mark Hoverson who literally generated a quarter million dollars in his first year online, from just one keyword.

Here are just a few highlights from Module 1!

  • This is your “treasure map” to finding the “golden 6-figure keywords” and “URL’s”, which you will use in our PPC, SEO and PPV campaigns [19:38]
  • We REVEAL how we got our ACTUAL keywords for a campaign we used to generate 115 leads/day from one keyword with PPV! [25:30]
  • The pain free way to setting up a capture page with ZERO tech skills required (Optional) [39:18]
  • And much more…

“72 Leads in the First 48 Hours with PPV & Facebook”

David Arriaga had never driven PPV or Facebook traffic before and produced some incredible results his very first day driving traffic. As you can see in the conversation below, by the time David got home… his lead count for his primary company’s product was at 132 and had reduced his lead cost from $1.25 per lead to $0.45 per lead!


Module 2: Free Google Traffic Surge

Now in module two, we get you going with the free traffic from the search engines – especially Google. Adwords may be dead, but there is no higher quality traffic source than SEO and the name of the game here is GET LINKs from other websites, and it’s never been easier.

Here are just a few highlights from Module 2!

  • This is where we strip down SEO to the 20%, which will get you 80% of the results for your target keywords & get traffic within days [00:00]
  • Learn the passive, easy yet powerful & automated linking methods we use on every site – no matter how big or small – to rank fast and make money in days [34:20]
  • Our back-door way we use Facebook Groups to get uber HIGH QUALITY links Google Loves and save $$$ [44:50]
  • And much more…

“On Top of the Leader Boards for Magnetic Sponsoring and Now Consistently Generating High Quality Leads at $1.25 per Lead”

Jorge Zarate, Brewer and Entrepreneur

Module 3: Unlimited & Unregulated PPV Traffic

Now in module three, we dive into the traffic strategy all the gurus are going crazy over, because it is the first traffic strategy capable of generating the combination of volume and quality traffic, since the “hand over fist days” of Google Adwords.

It’s super simple to get started with and don’t let the name fool you, it’s dirt cheap if you follow what we teach you in this module. PLUS, for those still traumatized by the Google Slap, it’s virtually UNREGULATED which means you can promote ANYTHING you want!

Here are just a few highlights from Module 3!

  • REVEALED! The “Private” PPV network we use with the highest quality and highest volume of traffic available, responsible for the HOTTEST leads and buyers [15:00]
  • Discover how you can get your product or opportunity message in front of HIGH Traffic websites like, and find the other profitable sites for pennies [23:35]
  • How to “hack” your campaigns, so you can get cheaper leads while advertising on sites like, Herbalife and Others [33:59]
  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

“On My First Try: I Got 60 Leads at $1 per Lead with PPV”

- Jeff Brackhan, Beginner and First Time Driving Traffic

Module 4: Facebook PPC the Easy Way

In module 4, we go into a traffic strategy which has been a bit complicated and ever changing since it started, but recently they’ve made available some REALLY easy and simple ways to advertise on Facebook and we show you how to exploit them, so you can get traffic and leads quickly!

Here are just a few highlights from Module 4!

  • Discover the TOP 2 Ways to advertise on Facebook and show you the one you should use for super HOT and CHEAP leads [6:30]
  • Learn the trick we use to have Facebook “Fall in Love” with your ads and reward you with cheaper leads! [23:35]
  • The 2 NEW stupid simple & cheapest ways to promote DIRECT Affiliate URLs on Facebook WITHOUT penalty. [Bonus Video]
  • And much more and the new easy way to get leads with Facebook!

“I Would Have Paid Thousands for This…”

- Tanya Aliza, Multi-Six Figure Marketer and Network Marketer

Module 5: Easy Direct Leads from Bing PPC

Finally in module 5, we show you how to take over the #2 search engine in the world, where you can actually directly promote your home business opportunity or anything else you want! There is absolutely no reason why you can’t generate 100 leads per day from Bing alone!

Here are just a few highlights from Module 5!

  • IMPORTANT! The REAL simple secret to getting approved by BING, which has nothing to do with your offer! Do this like we say and it’s smooth sailing! Screw this up and you’ll be banned for life! [9:13]
  • The easy ‘step-by-step’ process you can use to increase your leads AND reduce your lead cost at the same time [21:33]
  • We’ll show you the MUST HAVE tools that will eliminate hours of tedious work, while allowing you to scale your traffic & leads in a BIG WAY! [26:47]
  • Plus! You can directly promote home business opportunities and MLM related offers, if you do what we show you – GUARANTEED!

“This is Really Like 5 Courses in One…”

- Cesar Rodriguez, Direct Sales Expert & Trainer

Conditional 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have a FULL 30-Days to go through The Traffic Playbook in it’s entirety. You should be able to review every module within 1 week.

Because we are giving folks one last time to take advantage of this discount, we ask that you go through Module 1 in its entirety before requesting a refund. Seriously, it makes no sense buying something you don’t actually go through.

If you go through module 1 (which only takes about 1 hour) and you would still like a refund, simply send us an email at within 30-Days of receiving access to the online course and tell us what about module 1 or the course you didn’t like and we’ll process your refund in FULL without delay! But you must demonstrate that you went through the module 1 and gave it a try!

“I’m Breaking Different Levels and Ranks in My Company Since I Got This Course…”

- Dereck Arreguin, 10 Year Home Business Veteran

“YES! Give Me Access to The Traffic Playbook!”
“I want to get complete access to The Traffic Playbook Online Course and learn how to generate up to 100 leads per day for my business, using traffic methods such as PPV, Bing PPC, Facebook PPC and SEO!”

“As part of the Traffic Playbook Course, I Understand I Will Receive the Following:”

  • Module 1 – Introduction and Keyword Goldmine: The treasure map to finding my “six-figure” money keywords”
  • Module 2 – Supercharged SEO: How to rank my websites quickly for my most profitable money keywords and get traffic within days!”
  • Module 3 – Perfect PPV: How to “steal” traffic from my competitors and generate 20-50 leads per day for less than a buck each!”
  • Module 4 – Facebook Frenzy: How to advertise my website or direct affiliate links directly on Facebook and have them love me for it!”
  • Module 5 – Bing Bling: How to generate dozens of leads per day from the #2 search engine in the world for ANY offer – including make money and MLM!”

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We look forward to impacting your life and business!

Raymond Fong, Ferny Ceballos, Eric McMillan and Ramiro Ceballos
The SEO Networker and Traffic Playbook Team

P.S. Remember, The Traffic Playbook is designed for beginners, but it packs a top producer’s punch with the potential for 100+ Leads per Day!

P.P.S. You can finish the course in as little as a few days and still have most of the 30-day refund period to implement and see if it’s right for you!